US military deployed to border to assist with influx of migrants

Eight hundred new active-duty U.S. Military personnel are being sent to the border between the U.S. and Mexico, adding to the 2,400 border agents already there.  

The effort from the Department of Homeland Security is a response to the thousands of migrants traveling through Mexico from Central America — which could approach 500,000 total this year.  

The border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, declared a state of emergency Wednesday, after nearly 6,000 migrants crossed through from Mexico. 

“This is just a measure that we have to take to make sure we maintain order here in the city of Eagle Pass. We already have our emergency management group already activated, making sure that everything is well and the people are safe here,” said Mayor Rolando Salinas.

Beyond Texas, thousands of migrants from countries like Ecuador, which is facing a surge of cartel and drug-related violence, found their way to California.  

One migrant spoke of the treacherous journey he made with his wife and two children from Ecuador. 

“It was a big decision to come here, because it is hard to get here. It’s not easy. The distance is so great, and you go through many, many difficult things,” said Angel Sisa. 

Experts say a key difference about this migration surge is that more families with children, rather than single adults, are migrating from Central America.