Texas governor says he’s sent 95,000 migrants to ‘sanctuary cities’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has no plans to stop sending migrants to other parts of the country. 

Abbott said in a post on X that Texas has already sent more than 95,000 migrants to “sanctuary cities,” including New York City, Chicago and Denver.

The Texas governor began busing migrants to other states in April 2022, saying that illegal immigration was overwhelming border towns. 

“Texans cannot continue to shoulder the burdens imposed by open-border advocates in other parts of the country,” Abbott said at the time. 

Abbott has been criticized for the lack of coordination with other leaders about the busing operation. 

The mayors of New York City and Chicago have since complained that their cities are being overwhelmed by the incoming migrants. They’ve also put pressure of President Joe Biden to provide more federal support to help care for the migrants. 

Noting the strain that the incoming migrants are having on New York City’s resources, Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order that requires charter bus companies to provide 32 hours’ notice before arriving. 

Bus companies have skirted the new order by dropping off migrants in nearby cities in New Jersey. 

At the end of 2023, Abbott announced that he’s sent over 33,000 migrants to New York City since August 2022. Chicago received the second-highest number of migrants from Texas, according to Abbott. He said the state has sent more than 28,000 migrants to the Windy City over that same time period. 

The Biden administration has repeatedly said it’s willing to work with Republicans to address the border crisis. However, it claims that Congressional Republicans are continuing to play politics and refuse to negotiate meaningful solutions.