Rep. Jason Crow talks Ukraine, backing Speaker Johnson on ‘The Race’

Congressman Jason Crow of Colorado, a Democrat who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and House Intelligence Committee, appeared on Scripps News’ “The Race” this weekend to talk Ukraine aid and the fight to pass aid in the House of Representatives.

Crow discussed the need for additional assistance with moderator Joe St. George.

“The situation is very dire in Ukraine,” Crow said. “We are starting to see the impact on the battlefield.” 

“This is not a charity bill,” Crow added. “This is for American national security.” 

St. George asked if a Ukraine vote is expected this coming week.

“I just don’t know what is going on in the mind of Speaker Johnson,” Crow said.

“I’ve heard his intent is to put a bill on the floor next week.”

St. George asked if Crow was worried about corruption, as a number of conservatives have expressed concern about the $100 billion plus in American taxpayer dollars that has already been given to Ukraine. The Senate-passed bill would give an additional $60 billion to Ukraine.

“There is no evidence of any large-scale diversion or misuse of this aid,” Crow said.

A major political question facing Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is whether putting a bill to help Ukraine on the floor might cost him the gavel. A number of Republicans have said that any new aid to Ukraine could result in another speaker fight.

St. George asked Crow if he would be willing to vote for Johnson as Speaker if he agreed to put aid to Ukraine on the floor.

“I am not going to answer a hypothetical unless Speaker Johnson comes and asks that,” Crow said.

As far as whether Crow and other Democrats would accept changes to the bill to make it a loan to Ukraine as opposed to outright aid to Ukraine, Crow said that the House should take the Senate bill up first.

“If they aren’t willing to do this, then yes we have to look at what we can negotiate and what we are able to do,” Crow said.