Many to see double Social Security payouts in December

The Social Security Administration’s payout calendar this year shows that recipients of the benefit should expect to see two payouts in December. It happens once every fiscal quarter, but this year the single-month multiple payouts will happen deep into the holiday season, in the last month of the year. 

Those recipients who qualify for Supplemental Security Income will receive the double checks, with the first expected to be issued by Friday Dec. 1, the agency said. 

It’s sometimes described as an oddity with the SSA payment schedule, but SSI recipients typically receive two payments in March, June, September and December. 

In January, April, July and October recipients typically have no payouts they can have deposited — and during the remaining months of the year there is one check that is issued per month. 

SSA says that if those who qualify don’t receive their payouts on the date set out on their calendar, they are advised to wait at least three additional mailing days before reaching out to the agency with concerns. 

Those who qualify are typically low-income individuals aged 65 and over. 

The agency said the 2023 maximum federal benefit rate for qualifying individuals was set at $914 per month, and $1,371 per month for eligible couples.